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Miché Meizner, G.G

Owner, Premier Jeweler and Graduate Gemologist
Shining Light Jewelry and Sumiche Jewelry

A little about me
Hi, I am Miche Meizner, owner of Shining Light Jewelry. I started making jewelry in High School in 1974.   Back then, girls were not allowed to sign up for the metal shop or auto shop classes. Well, thank you Clarence Green - John Dewey H.S. for single-handedly fashioning a jewelry program. This was as close as I could get to a room full of tools.  I often think it turned out for the best.  If they'd have let me into metal shop I might now be making air conditioning ducts instead of custom jewelry. From there on I am mostly self taught although there were a few noteworthy educational stops on the path. I took some classes at the Revere Academy and Blaine Lewis' New Approach School for Jewelers.  Both were excellent hands-on experiences under highly trained instructors.  What a relief to not have to re-invent everything.I also went to the Gemological Institute of America way back in the 80's to get my certification as a Graduate Gemologist. 

As early as 1975 I was making jewelry for the gay and lesbian community. In the late 70's tolate 80s I supplied gay and lesbian symbol jewelry including lambdas, labrys, and various lesbian-feminist themed jewelry to Woman Books and Djuna Books in New York City, Womankind Books in Long Island, Old Wives Tales in San Francisco, Crazy Lady Books in Cincinatti. All old timers and closed many years ago, these businesses were community hubs and safe havens for many of us. Back in the day gay, lesbian and feminist symbol jewelry was an important yet subtle (sometimes loud)way to let others know we were "family". A way to be seen and identified by others who "knew". I was only 15 when I made and sold my first lesbian pinky ring. I was already promoting my own handmade jewelry to local shops and to friends, family and neighbors.
You could say I was a Baby Jeweler and although it would be another year before I came out as lesbian myself - I think I was pegged by my customer as a Baby Dyke*
About the ring. Two things made it a lesbian pinky ring - it sported a labrys* design on the top and it was a lesbian who commissioned the ring for her own pinky.  That being said, there is no intrinsic difference between a "mainstream" wedding ring and a "gay or lesbian" wedding ring.
What makes a wedding ring a lesbian wedding ring is simply the fact that it is worn by a lesbian as a symbol of her same-sex marriage commitment.
Whether you are looking for rings as personal expression or cultural, religious, spiritual expression I look forward to working with you to turn your vision into a lasting symbol for you.

*The labrys was resurrected as a female symbol in the 1970s by a number of lesbian and feminist organizations. It's popularity grew when articles about its origins were published in feminist literature of the time. Sourcehttp://www.lambda.org/symbols.htm

A *"Baby Dyke" is a young, boyish and often inexperienced lesbian, who is generally under the age of 25.

A little the business.
I run an en
vironmentally and socially responsible jewelry studio in Eugene, Oregon.
My specialy is custom designed, handmade wedding bands, engagement rings and other precious and commemorative jewelry.
All the jewelry is made using 100% recycled precious metals; gold, platinum and silver.
I don't have a storefront or keep any inventory. Everything I sell is made to order. My webiste is my shop and gallery. I work with folks all over the world by phone, skype, sending sketches and photos of working models and gemstones via email..
We can ship models and gemstones for pre-approval when necessary.
I am always happy to answer questions and discuss your design ideas.

Miché Meizner
President- Shining Light Jewelry,

Phone: 541-650-1910
Email: micheshines@gmail.com

1292 High ST #209
Eugene, OR 97401

Important note: With all the spam and spam filters these days it's possible your email will not arrive in my inbox. If you don't hear from me within two days of writing please write again or better yet give me a call.

Last Updated April 2013