Handcrafted Fine Jewelry Made from
100% Recycled Gold and Platinum and Silver


Symbols, Words and Music Themed Jewelry

infinity ring
Infinite Peace
8mm comfort fit
14kt $735
Double Happiness
10mm wide band
14kY $1010
14kW $1140
Infinity Overlay
8 mm band
14ky on w $650 ~ 14kw on y $580
Gold on Silver $235

lesbian symbol band
pink triangle band gay men's symbol
Lesbian Symbol Ring
8mm wide14ky on w $620 ~ 14kw on y $670
14k on silver $335
4.5mm wide 14ky on w $425 ~ 14kw on y $475
14k on silver $295
Pink Triangle Overlay Ring w garnet
6mm domed band
14kt with garnet $575
14kt on silver $245
Gay Men's Symbol Ring
10mm band
14kt y on w $850
14kt on silver $375

SAY SO..........

It started with creating a reminder for myself.
"Remember To Breathe"...
something I forget to do now and then though you'd think something so basic wouldn't need reminding.
Ring Remember to breathe
gold/silver ring Trust And then the creative urge just kept on
.....and so many thoughts can use reminding......
bracelet - take risks laugh a lot

Since the first message on a ring we've expanded our selection quite a bit including, of course, customized messages on a variety of ring widths and styles and bracelets, pendants and who knows what's next.
Ring - practice spontaneity
ring - life requires leaps of faith
ring - 123 breathe 2 rings - fly fly fly These stamped-letter rings are available in two type sizes 1/8" and 1/16th"
and in Domed 6mm or 8mm band or Flat 5mm or 7mm band

ring -  follow your heart gold and silver ring - Joy bracelet  trust your heart of hearts
A heavier comfort fit band
with hand carved lettering for the bold
Word Overlay Ring
A 14kt gold word hand sawn and
overlaid on a silver band

Word Bracelets have been a hit.
They are a great gift for someone you'd like to pass some kind thought to.

Please note that all prices are subject to change
Stamped Letter bands
All letter stamped rings in silver are $95

14kt yellow,rose gold stamped rings are:
5x1mm flat-$325, 7x1mm flat -$495
6x1.5mm domed- $485
8x1.5mm domed-$785

white gold is additional

Platinum rings-call for pricing
Handlettered Comfort Bands 6mm x 2mm
Silver $195 14kt $595 Platinum - call for pricing
Word Overlay Ring
14kt/silver $295 14kt/14kt $775 18kt/Platinum - Call for pricing
Word Bracelets
Sterling silver $195
14kt $695 Specify length of bracelet needed choose amethyst, onyx, garnet or lapis beads


Miche Meizner hands

Made by hand
Made with heart
Made for you