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Ceramic Based Vibrant Color Inlays
We are now using "Colorit" for our inlays.
This is a state of the art Ceramic Based Inlay Material which cures using
high intensity blue light. The look is similar to enamels.

Note: many of these photos show the crushed stone inlays that we are no longer using

14kt gold, turquoise & ebony
Yellow Sapphire
Turquoise Blue Inlay
5mm Tapered Comfort Fit
14kt $645

Locking Set with Inlay
14k white & yellow gold $990

Right Angle Vine Inlay
8mm Blue/Green & Black
14kY $690 $14kW $790
Plat $3245
Sterling $195

infinity symbol inlay
vine inlay band
right angle ring

Infinity Inlay Ring 10mm band
14kY $820 14kW $950
Sterling $195

Vine Inlay Ring 5mm wide
14kY $490 14kW $550
Plat $2250
Sterling $195
Right Angle Inlay Ring 6mm
14kty $575 14kW $635
Plat $2650
Sterling $195

two line inlay band
spoon inlay ring
Arrow Inlay Ring 6mm Comfort Fit
Clear Blue and Black
14kt Y$660 14kW $785
Plat $3440
Sterling $215
Two Line Inlay Ring 6mm
14kty $575 14kW $635
Plat $2650
Sterling $195
Spoon Inlay Ring 7mm wide
14kt $635 14kW $715
Platinum $3050
Sterling $195

Rain inlays
9mm tapered and 7mm tapered
14ktY $625/520 14kW $715/590
Plat $3150/2970
sterling $195

Playing Stick People Ring 7mm
14kY $635 14kW $715
Plat $3050
Sterling $195

Two Stripe Inlay Band 7mm
14kt $635 14kW $715
Platinum $3050
Sterling $195


3 Snowflakes- ice blue inlay
6mm domed
14kt Y$660 14kW $785
Plat $3440
Sterling $215
each one is One of a kind

Angles Overlay
10mm taper to 4mm
14kt white gold on yellow gold

Single Line 6mm Comfort Fit
Opaque Blue
14kY $660 14kW $785
Plat $3440
Sterling $195

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